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The 2020 Homecoming Court will be presented at halftime for the November 20th Southside HS football game.

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Iberia Parish School Board has made the decision to return to five day instruction beginning November 16th.  If a student would like to return to face to face instruction from virtual, a parent must complete the request form on the school's website by Friday, October 30th.  Beginning November 2, school staff will begin contacting parents to confirm students' return for the week of November 10.  If returning from the virtual model, Hybrid A students will return to the physical campus on November 10th with Hybrid B students returning on November 12th. Students utilizing the virtual model are to take the cumulative exams for each enrolled course prior to November 10th.  If a virtual student has any specific question, their virtual facilitator can assist them in finding an answer.

Again, five day a week instruction will resume on Monday, November 16.  If a parent wishes for their child to continue in the virtual model, no action is necessary.  On the other hand, if a parent would like for their child to transition to virtual instruction for the 2nd grading period, they must complete the form on the website and select that option.  Whichever model is selected, it will not be changed again until the 3rd grading period which begins January 29, 2021.


The Academic Letter acknowledges and honors students who commit to a high standard of academic achievement.  The Academic Letter is meant to encourage and reward students for their hard work and best effort.  The guidelines and requirements for earning an Academic Letter are outlined below.

  • Must have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average at the end of the Junior Year.
  • Must follow the Honors Curriculum.
  • Must score Advance or Mastery on four (4) out of six [6] LEAP Exams.
  • Must earn a 21 composite score on the ACT exam.
  • Must have an overall attendance rate of 95%.
  • Students who meet the requirements will be awarded their Academic Letter in the fall of their senior year.
  • Purchasing a jacket is the financial responsibility of the individual student.  The school will provide the student with information regarding purchasing a jacket.
  • Those students who have earned/purchased an Athletic Letterman Jacket may add the Academic Letter to their athletic jacket.
  • Students must submit their names for verification of requirements. 

If interested in an Academic Letter Jacket, use the link here to submit your name.  After your credentials have been verified, you will be contacted by Mr. Landry.

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REMINDER: The LAST day for the regular registration for the December 12th ACT Test is Friday, November 6, 2020! Sign up as soon as possible. 



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Important Upcoming Changes to the Hybrid A Schedule


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