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Activity / Athletic Insurance

NISH will no longer be collecting activity/insurance fees from students.  The school board adopted a new policy.  

Any student that participates in any sport and/or any extra-curricular activity must have proof of insurance.

Parents need to pay strict attention to the different types of insurance because football has its own and if students participate in football and anyother sport or activity, they must purchase two(2) separate policies. If a student plays basketball and runs track-only one policy is needed.

In addition, if the insurance is purchased by credit card it will be processed the same day at 12:01 am. If the insurance is purchased with cash, it will process within ten (10) days. If parents/gaurdians do not have a credit card, it is suggested that they purchase a reloadable "VISA" card, so that they may purchase the insurance within hours.

Click here to be directed to purchase Student Accident Insurance.

Students can also purchase health insurance by visiting, calling 800-318-25960 or refering to LACHIPS information in their student planner.

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