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Sponsor: Angel Romero

Students in Publications I & II (Yearbook) produce the school’s yearbook, La Jacquette. Advertisement sales are required.


2023 Roster

Anjale`a Adams

Va`reisha Alexander

Kirsten carter

Jesus Cibrian Rostro

Kiran Collins

Janeya Comeaux

Shabrailynn Daniels

Miley Derouen

Abigail Dressel

Irianna Etienne

Beth Gary

Olivia Guidry

Dasia Henry

Paige Jean-Batiste

Amanda Moore

Toria Pelous

Jasmine Picard

Ashlyn Porche

Lucero Sandoval

Katie Stevens

Akarie Thomas

Stori Thomas

Kaylee Warfel

Calie Wynne

Activity / Athletic Insurance

NISH will no longer be collecting activity/insurance fees from students.  The school board adopted a new policy.  

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