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Grade Recovery

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Recover, Don’t Repeat

Recovery Options:  Don’t Fail a Class or Repeat a Class

What can I do if I failed a class last semester?

Enroll in Credit Recovery which will allow you to redo the grading period(s) you failed (in Edgenuity – online) and earn the points you need to pass the class. The highest grade you can earn for the class is a C.

Contact your Guidance Counselor to enroll.

9th Grade Counselor – Brad Clark –

10th Grade Counselor – Paula Barras –

11th Grade Counselor – Kauhaia St. Julien –

12th Grade Counselor – Ferri Fontenot –

To schedule an appointment with a guidance counselor, please call the Guidance Office at 365-5246 and speak with Mrs. Robicheaux.


What can I do if I am failing in this 9 weeks?

  •  If you are failing in this 9 weeks, talk to your teacher about doing Test Recovery. Test Recovery allows you to receive tutoring and retake important assessments (if you earned a D or F) before you fail the entire 9 week period.  The student has one school week to obtatin the turtoring and retake the test. The highest grade you can earn on the Test Recovery is a 75C.  Contact your teacher as soon as you receive a failing grade on a major assessment. 
  • If you failed a grading period, you can participate in Grading Period Recovery. Grading Period Recovery allows you to redo the grading period you failed (in Edgenuity – online) and earn up to a 75C.  You must enroll in grading period within the first week of the following grading period, and you must complete the work and take the test before the end of the current grading period.  For example, if you failed the 1st 9 weeks, you MUST enroll in Grading Period Recovery in the first week of the 2nd  9 weeks AND complete all assignments and assessments before the end of the 2nd 9 weeks. 

Contact Mrs. Ransonet ( in the library to enroll.

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